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INVT Will Present New Products at SPS IPC Drives 2018
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INVT will participate in the SPS IPC Drives exhibition that is to be held in the Nuremberg International Exhibition Center in Germany from November 27 to 29, 2018. The booth is Hall 3, Stand 3-421. There have been 27 SPS IPC Drives exhibitions since 1990, and nowadays, the exhibition has become an international top-level exhibition in the field of electric automation systems and components, covering various industrial technological fields, including drive systems and their components, mechatronics, sensor technologies, control technologies, IPCs, industrial software, interaction technologies, human-machine interaction devices, and industrial communication.

INVT is confronted with many challenges in 2018, but it is these challenges that urge INVT to strive to be stronger and more innovative. With new products, new environments, and new presence, INVT will meet new challenges in new ways. As a leading electric automation technology manufacturer in China, INVT has attracted extensive attention of customers from all over the world in the previous exhibitions with its high-quality products and customized solutions. SPS IPC Drives 2018 is another opportunity for INVT, and it will present its new products.

The new products to be presented by INVT in the three-day exhibition include GD350 series general-purpose high-performance inverters, GD600 series high-performance multi-drive inverters, DS213 series multi-axis coordinated servo systems, DA300 series intelligent AC servo systems, higher-performance IVC3 series PLCs, and more user-friendly VS series network-type high-end human-machine interfaces. In addition to the new products, INVT's star products including the GD20, GD200A, GD800, and BPD series will also be presented in the exhibition, and more reliable and intelligent system solutions will be provided for various industries, such as the petroleum, hoisting, papermaking, and internet industries.

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Visit the SPS IPC Drives exhibition. Visit INVT's booth. Our professional sales and technical team will wait there to provide products, customized solutions, and best services for you.
Welcome to Booth 3-241 at SPS IPC Drives 2018.
Exhibition information:
Date: November 27–29, 2018
INVT Booth No.: 3-421

Nuremberg International Exhibition Center, Germany

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