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INVT Global Partners Conference 2017 successfully Ended
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INVT Global Partners Conference 2017 under the motto “Transforming Future, Blooming Together!” which was held from 9th to 12th of December in Sheraton Bailuhu Resort in Huizhou. The conference gathered oversea participants from different countries and 5 speakers who generously shared their knowledge and experience, to explore the innovation and to seek blooming future together. Mr. Jian Wang, the director of oversea business units, kicked off the meeting with a brief introduction, which sets the key tone for the rest of oversea business forum. The followings are some highlights:


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Part 1. 2017 Achievement and 2018 Strategy

Ms. Helen Quan, the sales director of emerging market, gave the speech entitled “Face Challenge with Action - Sales Strategy 2018”in the oversea business forum. She shared some successful projects we have won and commissioned in the year of 2017, including Inda Kiat paper, Pakistan sugar industry and ROSNEFT Russia. Under the great waves of AI & IM & Industry 4.0, we are faced with new opportunities as well as challenges. Ms. Quan said we should endeavor to hold the channels & market, to upgrade existing products, to focus on our advantage products and to aim at segment market. In the end, Ms. Quan called for all of partners in together with INVT to work together to make the world greener, safer and more efficient.


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Part 2. Value Chain Competition- Individuation Position & Advantage Integration

Dr. Gang Xu, the marketing manager of INVT oversea business units, gave a special speech entitled “Value Chain Competition- Individuation Position & Advantage Integration”. In current society, the fierce competition between companies and the ever-changing external market, including the artificial intelligence and IoT, pose a challenge to all of us. Under this circumstance, our global partners should continue to drive innovation based on the local market to establish a mutually symbiotic relationship, making advantage of INVT’s capital, technologies and resources. Besides, he shared the breakthrough of INVT independent rail transport traction system and the industrial layout in energy power fields, further to grasp the huge opportunity in the future and to boost market confidence. 


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Part 3 Heavy Industries and Medium Voltage Solutions

Customer from South Asia spoke on the theme of Heavy Industries and Medium Voltage Solutions, sharing his experience and solutions on the application of inverter on heavy industries. In the meanwhile, he shared a video which shows INVT products was widely recognized by end customers owing to our innovation and technology. He also pointed out that benefit from China's One Belt, One Road initiative and China–Pakistan Economic Corridor, we see abundant opportunities in the upcoming future.
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Part 4 The Omni-Channel Strategy in the IoT Age

Customers from Asia made a keynote speech of The Omni-Channel Strategy in the IOT Age by introducing the reason why they choose Omni channel to maximises sales success. Combining the online and offline marketing strategies to increase sales and to ensure a seamless customer experience in a cost-effective way. Even though they are encountered with various challenges in carrying out Omni channel, they make efforts to overcome it to distinguish themselves from with others competitors.
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It is a high time that we should transform to lead the future market and bloom together for a brighter future. In the end, thank you to those who joined us at our 2017 conference. We look forward to seeing you next year.

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