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INVT - Another Journey to CIIF after Ten Years' Participation
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"Ten years" may be used as a quantifier in China to describe a very long period of time. From 2008 to 2018, it has been a decade since INVT presented itself for the first time in China International Industry Fair (CIIF). Do you still remember what we looked like ten years ago?

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CIIF 2008
INVT was still a young company in 2008. The booth was not very large but attracted a lot of visitors. This was INVT's first participation in CIIF.

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In CIIF 2009 in Shanghai, INVT presented multiple new products, such as CHS100 series servo drives that were equipped with the most advanced 32-bit digital processing chips at the time and adopted the advanced control algorithm. They were applicable to application control systems that required quick response and accurate positioning. This indicated that INVT's servo products had reached the national first-class level and international advanced level.

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In 2010, INVT had gone public and presented itself with high spirit. The stock code 002334 presented on the booth was both our pride and our solemn commitments to all our customers.

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The year 2011 was a year of great achievement. INVT's Goodrive300 inverters won the award of "2011 Domestic Innovative Product" on the Control Engineering China (CEC) award presentation ceremony.
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The year 2012 was the 10th birthday year. In 2012, INVT's Goodrive35 once again won the CEC award of "Domestic Innovative Product".

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In 2013, INVT presented its "automatic parts grinding by mechanical arm", which was the first application of "made in China" permanent-magnet synchronous motorized spindles to robot arms.

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variable frequency drive

Have you ever seen robots that can play the piano? In 2014, INVT's servos had already been applied on six-axis robots. Six-axis robots were the high-end products with advanced technologies in the robot market, which had very high requirements on the synchronization and control precision of servo systems.

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In 2015, INVT used the black elements in the fair, standing out from the "technical blue". Black did not only look cool, but also appeared composed and majestic.

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In 2016, INVT presented a total of nearly 20 solutions, which fully demonstrated that INVT was a trusted industry automation solution provider.

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In 2017, INVT held a grand strategic cooperation signing ceremony with Tianshui Electric Drive Research Institute on the CIIF site. Due to the complicated operation conditions, Chinese brands had never stepped into the application market of the oil drilling field before. This was the first time a Chinese brand tapped into the international oil drilling market. It was the strong technologies that enabled INVT to break the monopoly of international brands on the oil drilling market.

Ten years have passed, and now in 2018, INVT will meet you in CIIF again with its new products. As the Chinese poem says, "My love for you is like a sine wave, perfect without any harmonics."
Our journey will start again on 6.1H A155 in the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai on September 19.
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