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Texas Instruments Visiting INVT
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Mr. Huang Shenli, INVT's chairman and president, and Mr. Zhang Qing, INVT's vice president, met Mr. Xie Bing, Texas Instruments' (TI's) global senior vice president, Ms. Hu Yuhua, TI' president of China region, and their delegation in INVT's Shenzhen headquarters on May 8, 2018.
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During the meeting, the two parties communicated with each other on various aspects including their companies' development and new application fields of their products, and probed into wider cooperation based on the industrial development trends. Despite the continuous globally tense supply, TI still promised to ensure the supply and technical support for INVT. It can be foreseen that the two parties will achieve wider and deeper strategic cooperation after this strategic exchange between the executives of the two companies.


TI is an important strategic partner of INVT. It is the world's largest manufacturer of analog circuit technical components and the world's leading multinational semiconductor company, and is known for its development, manufacturing, and sales of semiconductors and computing technologies. It mainly engages in the development, manufacturing, and sales of innovative digital signal processing and analog circuits. Currently, TI's digital signal processors and multiple analog and digital circuits have already been widely applied to INVT's products.

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