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Evolving to the New Electricity Era with INVT in ELECRAMA 2018
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As a leading industry automation manufacturer, INVT is going to exhibit in ELECRAMA 2018, which is ELECRAMA 2018 is an International Exhibition on electrical, power electronics and applied equipment from 10 to 14 Mar 2018 in Bangalore, India. In ELECRAMA 2018, INVT will present you a wide gamut of electrical equipment and reliable solutions to meet your requirement for the application area in various industries. Let’s see what INVT will demonstrate now.

 servo system

In the exhibition, INVT will feature its latest equipment, leading-edge technology, providing you with reliable and customized solutions, accelerating your Industry 4.0 transformation and meeting the future. During the exhibition, general inverter, including GD10, GD20, GD100, CHF100A, GD35 and GD300, will be showed. INVT variable frequency drives have a variety of functions, which can be widely used in the industrial automation field. It is worth mentioning at this point that GD200A series general-purpose open loop vector inverter will be highlighted, which is more accurate and certificated by TÜV SÜD. Based on DSP control system, Goodrive200A inverters apply V/f vector control and various protections to control asynchronous motors. The air duct, hardware and software have been greatly improved for better environment adaptability, operation. Servo system, such as DA200 and elevator control system like EC160 and GD300L will be displayed.

We cordially invite you to attend ELECRAMA 2018. Stay connected with INVT in the world of Electricity! Come and visit us at the booth H3C12 in Greater Noida, INDIA.
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